DisplayFusion 9.7

Manage multiple monitors with separate taskbars, icons, and wallpapers

DisplayFusion makes it easier to work with multiple monitors. In this respect, it avoids some of the limitations present in Windows built-in utility and even software tools designed for certain graphics cards. This way, using this product, you can have different wallpapers and screensavers on each of your monitors. Moreover, it lets you replicate Windows taskbar on all of them using different sets of shortcuts. The tool allows you to configure resolution, color, refresh rate and orientation for each of your monitors. What’s more, your choices can be saved as profiles that can be easily loaded using hotkeys.

The application has a nice interface. It permits carrying out most tasks instead of using the system’s display settings dialog. However, you may want to perform most operations by assigning hotkey combinations to them. Another way to avoid using the program’s main interface is by using the small button displayed on the title bar of the active window.

One of the most difficult things about working with multiple monitors is that your mouse pointer may get lost at times. DisplayFusion helps you perceive everything being displayed as a large workspace. Besides, its Snapping options allow dragging and organizing windows more efficiently, thus saving monitor space. Soon, you’ll notice that the small button on the title bar is the easiest way to rapidly move the active window to another monitor. This spares you the effort of dragging a window along various monitors until you find the right place.

As seen, this tool has plenty of features. Yet, there’s also the possibility of adding new ones, as it also lets you create additional functions. In this respect, the application supports writing your own macros using C# and VB.net. Another very powerful feature is the use of triggers, which run custom or user-created commands when such events as window creation and desktop unlock take place. Luckily, DisplayFusion can be controlled via a wi-fi connection, which means that you can use your smartphone or tablet to perform most of the operations already mentioned.

In general, DisplayFusion will be absolutely welcomed if you usually work with multiple monitors. It has free and paid versions, therefore some features are only available after payment. In this regard, some of these restrictions include a limited number of hotkeys and the impossibility of changing logon background. Fortunately, both versions use the same installer and the program lets you try the full version one time only after installing, after that it automatically reverts to the limited one.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use
  • It allows creating your own scripts
  • It lets you use triggers
  • It can be controlled remotely


  • The free version has some limitations
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