DisplayFusion 3.0.6

Display Fusion is a multi monitor desktop wallpaper program
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Are you getting bored, seeing the same old wallpaper on every monitor while working with multiple monitors? Do you want to place different images on each monitor? Do you want to use your personal images on each screen? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then Display Fusion is the solution. It is a multi monitor desktop wallpaper program that allows the user to put different wallpapers on every monitor. Load any personal image, a beautiful scenery or any other image to change the look and feel of each monitor. You can set all the monitors with the same background image or use different backgrounds for each screen, select various images to change the wallpapers randomly, browse and download images from Flickr, use display properties to adjust settings, and so on. Display Fusion makes it easier and simpler to work with multiple application windows. You can use Hot Keys combinations to organize the application's windows, access the Internet using proxy settings, change the interface language via its multiple language support, and apply window snapping. People who prefer working with multiple monitors can find Display Fusion a good companion.
Moreover in this new version many bugs have been fixed.

Venugopal Naidu
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